Your Nativity, O Theotokos…

has proclaimed joy to all the universe

The Parish of the Nativity of the Theotokos is also affectionately known as “St. Mary’s, Mays Hill”, and for those who attended since the 1990’s, still lovingly referred to as “Saydet Merrylands”.

St Mary’s is under the patronage of His Eminence, Metropolitan Basilios (Kodseie), the archbishop and chief shepherd of the Antiochian Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia, New Zealand, and the Philippines. Our parish is guided by parish priest Reverend Father, George Saad, since 2004.

Our history is rich and proud, starting in 1985, with services being celebrated out of a community hall in Granville. Following this, in 1987, our congregation shifted its worship to St Rafael’s Church in Merrylands (hence “Saydet Merrylands”. It wasn’t until 1991 that our present Mays Hill grounds were purchased and consecrated by the late Bishop Gibran Ramlawey, with the first Liturgy being celebrated in the current Church Hall in 1994. Following an intricate and extensive construction project, the year 1999 saw the celebration of the first Holy and Great Friday in our church, with the official consecration of the church taking place shortly thereafter in the year 2000 by the Thrice-Blessed Metropolitan Paul (Saliba), reposed in the Lord in June 2017).

Our community is a strong one, and the parish is continually developing and growing as a group. Some objectives of St Marys Antiochian Orthodox Church, Mays Hill include:

  • Guiding its members to union with God through education, stewardship, and almsgiving
  • To promote, and enthusiastically action the benevolent, economic, educational, material, moral, ritual, social, and spiritual requirements of Christ as found in the Holy Tradition of the ancient and holy Antiochian Orthodox Church (Acts 11:26- “And the disciples were first called Christians in Antioch.”)
  • To be faithful stewards of God’s creation through the devotion of time, talents and treasure entrusted to us by God

We welcome all walks of life, those who are born as Orthodox, and those who are seeking to know Christ through the original and most ancient, though timeless and Living Church.

For more information about our archdiocese, please visit this link for a History of Antiochian Orthodoxy in Australasia


Our parish is devoted to preaching truth through teaching, learning, and developing leaders, inspired by the gospel of Christ, who make a difference to Australian society.

  • Seeking Truth – encourage finding answers in Christ

  • Education – encourage personal learning and growth

  • Empowering – equip to defend and uphold their faith

  • Support– Providing a genuine social network


The Parish Council comprises of valued Church community members who meet monthly to discuss all aspects of the Church and its current and future affairs. All members are invited to attend meetings, with a variety of views and opinions being valued and considered. Parish Council meetings are typically conducted on the first Monday of every month and commence promptly at 6:30 pm at the Church Hall (downstairs).

The Parish Council is made up of elected members who are appointed every two years to allocated duties and roles. The Parish Council is further guided by the Church Constitution and its associated by-laws. Parish Council is chaired by President Mr Sid Elias, who can be contacted on 0410 404 414.

“Not even paradise is good enough for the feet of our mothers…”

No church is ever complete without the Tender Loving Care of its mothers and sisters. These ladies make up what is known as the Ladies Guild. The members meet on a monthly basis to discuss various events, including social and spiritual events. The Ladies Guild also play an integral part in preparing meals for certain activities within the Parish.

If you are interested in joining or helping, feel free to contact the Ladies Guild President Mrs Suzanne Karam on 0413 652 500.

“The future rests not in the hands of our generation, but rather in the future of our young.”

For this reason, the importance of the direction of our Youth Committee is critical. The committee meets on a monthly basis and invites all members to attend. Youth meetings are typically held on the first Tuesday of the month and begin promptly at 7:30 PM in the Church hall.

To join the Youth Committee, or find out more information, the Youth President, Georgina Fajloun, can be contacted on 0410 274 923.

Saint Mary’s Future meets regularly throughout the year. All youth aged between 12 and 18 meet regularly to hold social and spiritual events. If you are in this age group, please come to our next meeting.

For more information, contact Ellein Mreich – 0401 955 033

Sunday school is a rewarding way to be involved in the Church community for both students and teachers. Students learn about Orthodox spirituality while establishing relations with the Church that they can carry into adulthood. Our students thoroughly enjoy the activities that our teachers provide for them.

  • Where: The Church Hall
  • When: 10 am to 11:30 am
  • Open for students between ages of 5 and 18 years

Please contact Sunday School Coordinator: Ellein Mreich – 0401 955 033 for more information, or if you would like to assist in teaching.

St Mary’s Choir is available to serve at your weddings, baptisms or any other service in both English and/or Arabic.

Please contact Father George for bookings.

Rev. Fr George Saad – P: (02) 9689 2747 – M: 0425 368 889

Parish Priests
Construction Starts


Troparion (Hymn) for the Nativity of the Theotokos

As chanted in our parish (in the 4th Byzantine mode)

Your Nativity, O Theotokos, has proclaimed joy to all the universe;
for from you is Risen the Sun of Righteousness, Christ our God.
Having annulled the curse, He bestowed the blessing;
having abolished death, He gave us eternal life.

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